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Relevant content made by human beings for human beings


What's our passion: Relevant content made by human beings for human beings. What we're good at: Seeing eye to eye with our protagonists and our customers. What we do: „Good TV“ and content for the brain as ell as the heart. What we've got: A love for detail and levity. For every kind of content and every target audience.

Network & staff

Lagerfeuer defines itself as a meeting point for seasoned specialists from every part of the entertainment industry. Depending on the requirement of each project, its medium and its genre, these experts form teams to work on any project with determination and empathy. The result is focused know-how and great dedication to realize each vision.


No matter if it's TV, online video content or nonlinear: It's all about great storytelling that reaches and touches its audience. We provide the tools for professional format development, intelligent realization and emotional messaging to broadcasting stations, producers, platforms, organizations and companies.

Our costumer base also includes: VOX, BR, Staatskanzlei NRW, NRW International, Stadt Köln, HMR International, Grimme Akademie, ARD.ZDF Medienakademie, Filmfestival Cologne, Süddeutsche TV, Bavaria Entertainment, Caligari Film, ndF Neue deutsche Film, Warner Bros. ITVP, Shanghai Media Group, Sichuan TV, IG Metall


1987 – 2007

Studies in History and Political Science / Internship at EXPRESS / Editorial producer for Premiere: „0137“, Development: „tvtv“, „Kalkofes Mattscheibe“ / Editor-in-Chief RTL Television: „RTL-Nachtshow“ / Founder of Brainpool / Managing Editor „Harald-Schmidt-Show“, SAT.1 / Head of Development creatv, RTL: „Oliver Geissen“, „Birte Karalus“, “Veronas Welt“, “tvtv“, „Mein Garten“ a.m.


Founder of the Till Stein Program Development and Consulting company


Founder of Lagerfeuer Medienproduktion for development and production of media content, consulting and International Branded Entertainment (e.g. China). Format developer for several production companies, broadcasters and brands.


Keynotes and seminars „Daytime“; „Potentiale von Servicetainment“ (Grimme) – Jury member for the Golden Rose of Montreux: Pilot Award (2006) – Jury member for the Banff World Television Festival (2008, 2010) – Lecturer at the Grimme internship program (2008-2014) – Lecturer at the ARD.ZDF medienakademie

Till Stein

Executive Director and Producer


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